Staff Spotlight: Samantha Gieseking

Written by: Lisa Nye Posted on: July 22, 2019 Blog: News & Updates

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At the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, we believe it's imperative that our members get to know the staff that works to provide you with the best experience possible! Samantha comes from south of here in Whiteland, IN and works mainly with the Membership and Marketing Coordinator to develop marketing materials for our members, produce content for our website, manage our social media accounts, and produce our magazine the Profile. Read more about Samantha below!

Position: Membership and Marketing Intern

How has your experience at IPRA contributed to your professional or personal interests?

As an English major, I often feel like the doors are open for everything, but at the same time, nothing, so I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do career wise. Getting the chance to work under Lindsey with marketing has opened me up to parts of jobs I never realized were so vital, but also fun to work on. I feel lucky that IPRA is my first career-based job experience.

How have parks contributed to or enriched your life?

I feel like I have been to nearly every park in Greenwood or Franklin because my family was always going to check out new ones since they’re all a little bit different. I was a pretty active kid, playing sports, swimming, etc. and if it wasn’t for having so many parks at my disposal, the outdoorsy part of me might not exist.

What park are you excited to visit next?

I would love to visit more of Indiana’s parks, but I haven't been to any national parks yet, so those are absolutely on my radar. I'd say Joshua Tree National Park is high up on the list because 1. I'd love to visit California and 2. Joshua Trees are undeniably beautiful

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