Staff Spotlight: Natalie Kuss

Posted on: July 26, 2018 Blog: News & Updates


At the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, we believe it's imperative that our members get to know the staff that works tirelessly to provide you with the best IPRA experience possible. Natalie Kuss comes to IPRA from Lapel, IN and works mainly with the Membership and Marketing Coordinator to develop marketing materials for our members, produce content for our website, manage our social media accounts, and produce our magazine the Profile. Read more about Natalie below!

Position at IPRA: Marketing Intern

How has your experience at IPRA contributed to your professional or personal interests?
My experience at IPRA has opened up countless opportunities for me professionally and personally. I haven't had a day on the job where I didn't learn something new and exciting. As someone who is always looking to learn about new fields, I was thrilled to learn about how my major and career interested played into parks and recreation. I loved networking with people who are so passionate about their parks. I am also a huge lover of the outdoors so being able to experience parks and learn about their importance was a very enlightening experience for me personally. Discovering that I could combine my personal interests in parks with my professional interesting in marketing was a huge takeaway from my experience at IPRA.

What parks have you visited in Indiana?
As I child, I spent a lot of time playing with friends in Forest Park and Falls Park. I still like to visit both of them frequently now that I'm older. Two larger parks that I visited often growing up were Mounds State Park and Brown County State Park. I recently had the opportunity to explore Holliday Park with my boyfriend this summer. We both enjoyed exploring the ruins and trails they have there! I also had the chance to visit Garfield Park and West Boggs Park with IPRA and look forward to returning to both!

How have parks contributed to or enriched your life? Growing up, parks were always a big park of my life. I would beg my parents to take me to our local parks so I could play. I don't think I would've become to the creative person I am today without the setting that parks provided for me. Being outside allowed me to develop my imagination. I think parks have contributed to my health as well. I find they are a great stress reliever as well as a beautiful place to exercise!

What is your favorite park memory or experience?
Although I don't have a specific park experience, I always love visiting my favorite parks during the fall months. Grabbing a cup of tea from a local shop and walking around in the autumn leaves is always a favorite activity of mine each year. Nothing beats a warm drink and cold weather!

What park are you excited to visit next? Please describe why.
I am excited to visit more of the parks where the people I have met through my experience at IPRA work. The passion that they display towards their parks has inspired me to further my involvement with parks and recreation through more visits.

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