Indiana Trails Gathering

Saturday, November 5
8:00 AM ET

Forest Park
701 Cicero Rd.
Noblesville, IN 46060

$10 for 1
$15 for 2


Trail advocates and managers, registration is now open for the Indiana Trails Gathering on Saturday, November 5! This gathering is a collaborative effort of IPRA, IN DNR, the Greenways Foundation, the National Park Service, the Indiana State Department of Health, and Health By Design and will be a roundtable-based event full of discussion. Topics include how to start a trail program, right-of-way acquisition, working with boards, conducting trail counts, trail management, and more!

Registration for this event has ended.


8:00 am - Registration, check-in, & networking
Light breakfast provided
9:00 am - Welcome
9:10 am - Attendee introductions & updates from supporting groups
Bob Bronson & Dale Brier, Indiana Department of Natural Resources
- State trails guidelines
- SCORP/State Trails Plan update
- DNR Trail Finder webpage
- Funding sources
Lisa D. Nye, Indiana Park & Recreation Association
- Google Trekker
Karen Bohn, Greenways Foundation
- Trails Maintenance Fund update
- Greenways Foundation trail counts update
Pete Fritz, Indiana State Department of Health
Kim Irwin, Health by Design
10:30 am - Break
10:45 am - Q & A Session with Supporting Groups
11:45 am - Lunch & Networking
12:30 pm - Roundtable Session #1 (3 concurrent roundtables)
1. How to start a trails program, trails committee development, & membership
Kim Irwin, Health by Design
Rory Robinson, NPS
- Advocacy & promotion (selling your trails program to elected officials)
- Incorporating not-for-profit status
2. Appeasing adjacent property owners & acquiring right-of-way for trails
Dawn Ritchie, City of Ft. Wayne/Greenways Foundation
Jim Deahl, PE - BF&S
3. Connecting communities through trails
Angie Pool, Cardinal Greenway, Inc./Greenways Foundation
- Breaking down barriers
- Gentrification
1:30 pm - Roundtable Report
1:45 pm - Break
2:00 pm - Roundtable Session #2 (3 concurrent roundtables)
1. Working with Boards
Kent Castleman, Fort Wayne Trails, Inc.
- Building a better board
- Dealing with board burnout
- Roles & responsibilities (need for performance standards)
- Succession planning
2. Using trail cameras & capturing trail counts
Amy Hartzog, City of Fort Wayne
- Value
- Purpose
- Requirements
3. Traffic engineering/management (intersections/road crossings)
Jason Griffin, PLA - BF&S
Dawn Ritchie, City of Fort Wayne/Greenways Foundation
3:00 pm - Roundtable Report
3:15 pm - Break
3:30 pm - General Discussion
- Trail management/maintenance
Jim Schneider, Trail-Works
- Open discussion
4:15 pm - Roundtable recap & action strategies
4:30 pm - Closing remarks & adjournment
4:45 pm - Optional trail ride/hike

Roundtable Format

Facilitators, you are expected to:

  • Present for a short (10-minute or less) period to your group highlighting key information pertaining to your topic
  • Ensure no one person dominates the dialogue; this should be an open conversation
  • Allow for everyone to speak
  • Keep the group on topic and on time
  • Record notes, questions, and any other comments the group may have that would require further conversation
  • Deliver a brief oral summation of your group’s conversation to the larger group at the end of your allotted time

Participants, you are expected to:

  • Be prepared to contribute your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions!
  • Be respectful of all those in your group and listen when not speaking
  • Stay on topic and be considerate of the group’s timeframe
  • Exchange information with each other so the conversation(s) can continue

In partnership with:
Indiana Department of Natural Resources,
Greenways Foundation, Health by Design,
Indiana State Department of Health,
and National Park Service

Sponsored by:
Butler, Fairman, & Seufert, U.S. Department of Transportation,
and Noblesville Parks & Recreation