The Profile Magazine: Article Submission

* Terms and Conditions
Submission Guidelines:

  • All articles must be educational and non-commercial in nature and must be pertinent to the parks field in a way that benefits and educates park professionals.
  • In order to comply with the non-commercial requirement above, an article may not specifically mention a business by name in the body of the article, but the business name/s can be included with the information about the author at the end.
  • We strongly encourage our corporate members to collaborate on articles with park department members to highlight their work and partnerships. Articles on new projects, programs or innovations will be given preference.
  • If the article features or mentions a park department, the director of the department must approve the contents prior to publication of the submission.
  • Any article submitted that does not meet these guidelines will not be published. IPRA retains the right to edit, publish or reject any article submitted based on these guidelines.