Executive Director



Marketer, former media-personality, and Executive Director of the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, Chris Owens is a driven and diverse person as a musician, home renovator, avid cook, husband and father of one unbelievable little boy and a charming little girl.  His work ethic was formed early as the son of small business owners and grew even more once given the opportunity to apply his talents after graduating from Anderson University.

Upon entering the professional world, Chris built on his media experience with WQME and WTHR by adding WWKI and WNDE to his resume.   In 2001, he accepted a job with the Indianapolis Colts and was given the charge to grow their radio network of seventeen stations.  In 2009 though he decided to pursue other career opportunities, the radio network stood strong at 47 stations boasting a long six-hour network game-day broadcast.  During his time with the Colts he realized a unique dream and was on the field in Miami as the final seconds expired in the fourth quarter of a 29 – 17 victory as the Colts became World Champions of Super Bowl XLI.  Since leaving the NFL, Owens has enjoyed other meaningful Sales and Marketing leadership roles adding valuable experience.

As the Executive Director of the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, he views his role with many responsibilities as exciting, challenging, and rewarding with a great opportunity to provide value to the Membership and Sponsors of the Association.  He and his family are active consumers of what so many members of the IPRA provide – rewarding time together and the chance to make memories.  Attend an IPRA meeting and you’ll see evidence of professionals making an impact in the communities where they live, work, and play.

He has a passion and appreciation for those who give of themselves to better a cause and tries to exemplify this personally through involvement in his local community, church, and with several volunteer organizations.

Personal and professional experiences over the past fifteen years have introduced him to many new people, exciting ideas, practices, and concepts that helped shape the person he is today.