Offsite Tours

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

9:00 AM - Noon | Cardinal Greenway

“A Deep Dive into the Cardinal Greenway”

The history of the Cardinal Greenway organization will be shared and participants will learn why the trail became a private owned nonprofit. Challenges and accomplishments will be shared as will an update on our Asset Management program and how it relates to the maintenance of the trail and all we own.

Presenters: Angie Pool, CEO Cardinal Greenway, Matt Thornburg and/or Steve Abshire – Maintenance Staff at Cardinal Greenway

1:30 PM - 4:15 PM | Brownfield, Greenfield and Wetlands, OH MY! Welcome to Craddock Nature Preserve

Participants will explore a former industrial site and brownfield that has been transformed into a wetland nature preserve and trail connection where many students, groups, and residents come to enjoy nature near the heart of the City.

On this tour, we will discuss the removal of low head dams in Muncie, talk about the Muncie Sanitary District's Long Term Control Plan to eliminate combined sewer overflows, and how Muncie is turning the White River into a recreational destination. Participants will receive educational brochures about biological indicators in the White River such as native fish, mussels, and macroinvertebrates, and how they represent water quality improvements. Participants will also see educational signage placed at the Wetland so classes can visit and participate in an outdoor learning environment.

Learn more about Craddock Nature Preserve here.

Presenters: Jason Donati - CG Board Member, Angie Pool, CEO Cardinal Greenway, John Craddock

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Muncie Parks Projects

Muncie Parks has worked with city planners, neighborhood associations and local collaborators to add exciting new features to local parks. Attendees will tour two newly designed splash parks, a local trail and talk about the process of coming together for the benefit of community.

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM | Christy Woods

Participants will get to know the Field Station staff and learn from our collective 70+ years of experience. We will share what we can about the woods, prairie and greenhouse management, maintenance and program operations. This will be as interactive as participants want to make it, from a standard tour of our facilities to a more in-depth and interactive discussion. Depending on number of participants, we will divide into 3-4 groups to visit the greenhouses (COVID protocols apply) and outdoor areas.

Presenters: Shari Grant, Cheryl LeBlanc, Erica Oliver and John Taylor.

Site description:

Christy Woods is an outdoor teaching laboratory for Ball State students, as well as the community. Located on the southwest corner of our campus, Christy Woods is a 17-acre property filled with mature deciduous forest, tall grass prairie, and other plant communities. The property is one of six managed by the Field Station and Environmental Education Center.

The university's two main greenhouse are a part of Christy Woods: the Teaching and Research Greenhouse and the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse. A third greenhouse, the Environmental Studies Greenhouse is used for research and propagation of native species. Lastly, a fourth greenhouse is used to grow herbs to supply Ball State University Dining Services.