2021 conference Education Sessions

All regular education sessions are worth 0.1 CEU credits.

Mini Sessions and Summits do not quality for CEU credits.

**The education sessions schedule subject to change.

Tuesday Sessions | November 2, 2021

1:30PM - 2:45PM | Session Group 1

1A. The WHY of Work; Remembering Passion and Purpose During Recovery

Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

1B. Seize the Day Not Your Phone

Jeff Wozer

1C. Neighborhood Partnerships - The Benefits of Working with Residents to Plan and Implement Park Improvements

J.P. Hall, Halteman Village Neighborhood Association; Heather Williams, Riverside/Normal City Neighborhood Association; Brad King, Old West End Neighborhood Association; and Courtney Marsh, Southside Neighborhood Association

1D. Park and Recreation Departments Access University Resources to Help Fulfill Their Missions

Amy L. Gregg, Shannon Powers, and Joshua Gruver, Ball State University; Dan Dunten, West Lafayette Parks & Recreation

1E. Successful Athletic Fields – The Pros & Cons of Natural and Synthetic Surfaces

Fred Prazeau, Context Design

1F. This Park is a dump!

- Ryan P. Cambridge, The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis, Drew Braley, Browning Day

1G. Mini Session: Exciting Programs on a Shoestring Budget

Brandy Fiechter, Bluffton Parks Department

1H. Mini Session: Youth Running – Track and Cross Country

Becky Kreiger, Porter County Parks & Recreation

3:00PM - 4:15PM | Session Group 2

2A. Creating Positive Practices to Reduce Unconscious Bias

Lori A. Hoffner, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

2B. Experience Famine: Too Much Viewing, Not Enough Doing

Jeff Wozer

2C. Play, as Parent and Professional: A Bi-Focal Exploration of Play Spaces

Alan Rosenwinkel, Rundell Ernstberger Associates; Amber Berninger, Midstates Recreation

2D. Successful Parks Projects – Casting a Vision to Create a Community Asset

– Marc Griffith, The Veridus Group; Brian McNerney, Context Design

2E. Spray Park Design A to Z

Greg Stoks, Aquatix by Landscape Structures

2F. Engaging with Our Community During and After COVID

Mindy Murdock, Zionsville Parks & Recreation

2G. Mini Session: Spend Your Park Design Budget Wisely: Key Components of a Good RFP

Sara Huss, DLZ Indiana LLC

2H. Mini Session: Aquatic Epoxy Coating – Take the PAIN Out of Epoxy Pool PAINt Projects

Mark Anderson, American Clean & Seal

Wednesday Sessions | November 3, 2021

8:00AM - 9:15AM | Session Group 3

3A. Boundaries: A Tool for Leadership Sustainability and Engagement

- Brandi Lust, Teacher, Speaker, Consultant

3B. Camp Programming: What Does That Look Like for Your Park?

Melissa Theriault-Thompson, Washington Township Park; Jen Despain, Brownsburg Parks & Recreation; Nate Phipps, Danville Parks & Recreation

3C. Internships: Creating a Quality Experience for Students, Park and Recreation Departments and Universities

Julie Knapp, Indiana University; Becky Higgins, Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department; Amanda D’Agostino, Student from Indiana University

3D. Complex Parks Projects

John Marc Griffith and Scott Senefeld, The Veridus Group; Kathy Lozano and Greg Mitchell, West Lafayette Parks & Recreation

3E. Adaptability - How to Capture Community Investment and Support to Adapt Your Parks, Embrace Change, and Improve Existing Assets!

Bridget Anderson, Patronicity

10:15AM - 11:30AM | Session Group 4

4A. Connecting with Meaning and Purpose: Values-Based Engagement in Organizations

- Brandi Lust, Teacher, Speaker, Consultant

4B. Using Tactical Urbanism to Create Safe Access to Parks and Greenways

Pete Fritz, Indiana Department of Health; Marjorie Hennessy, Health by Design; Brandon Burgoa, Indiana Department of Transportation

4C. What Do You Do with an Old Pool?

Kyle Lueken, HWC Engineering; Sam Blake, Spear Corporation

4D. Justice, Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, & Inclusion (JEDAI) in Parks and Recreation Settings: A Conversation

Brian Forist, Indiana University; Amanda D’Agostino, Shelbie Porteroff, Jenessa Carlisle, Students from Indiana University

4E. Everybody Play's: A Best Practice Guide to Multigenerational Design

Jill Moore, Landscape Structures

4F. Leadership Starts with You: Ten Keys for Moving You and Your Organization to the Next Level

Dan Gamble, Kenney Machinery Corporation

4G. Mini Session: Natural Resource Data is a “Walk in the Park”

Evie Kirkwood, Evie Kirkwood Consulting, LLC

4H. Mini Session: Benefits of Site Master Planning for Parks

Sara Huss, DLZ Indiana LLC

1:30PM - 2:45PM | Session Group 5

5A. Social Equity, continuation from Keynote Luncheon presentation

Neelay Bhatt, PROS Consulting, Inc.

5B. Fiscally Fit Budgeting Concepts

Matt Hickey, ePRepSolutions, LLC; Austin Hochstetler, Zec Eight Insights, LLC

5C. Taking BIG Ideas from Concept to Reality

Jonathan Jones, South Bend Venues Parks & Arts

5D. Performance Appraisals – Get Off the Treadmill

Michael Clark, Palatine Park District

5E. Chainsaw Safety

Mark Parker, Bryan Equipment Sales

5F. Making the Transition from Front Line to Management

Evie Kirkwood, Evie Kirkwood Consulting, LLC; Leslie Witkowski, St. Joseph County Parks

5G. Assessment and Management of Small Lakes and Ponds

Mitchell Zischke, Purdue University

3:45PM - 5:00PM | Session Group 6

6A. Smooth Transitions – Accessibility of Public Facilities for Transgender Populations

Michael G. Clark, Palatine Park District; Sophie Michaels

6B. Inter-Active and Inclusive Design for Aquatic Facilities

Mark Williams, Rain Drop

6C. Trends in Playground Design

Jim Isaacs, Landscape Structures

6D. Leveraging Information in this Data-Driven World

Austin Hochstetler, Zec Eight Insights, LLC; Matt Hickey, ePRepSolutions, LLC

6E. Mini Session: StoryWalk

Dan Dunten and Diane Schlegel, West Lafayette Parks & Recreation

6F. Mini Session: "Logging Into Nature" – Adapting Outdoor Nature Based Programming

Nathaniel Bibat, Dunes Learning Center

6G. Construction and Financing Delivery Models for Parks and Recreation Capital projects

- Dan Lawson, Meyer Najem, Greg Martz, GM Development

6H. Riverside Adventure Park: Transforming Equitable Public Engagement for a Pandemic

Sarah Evans, V3 Companies; Julee Jacob, Indy Parks & Recreation; Phyllis Boyd, Groundwork Indy

Thursday Sessions | November 4, 2021

9:00AM - 10:15AM | Group Session 7

7A. Call of the Wild

Bill Ream and Ashley Spurgeon, City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation

7B. Esports in Recreation

Erich Bao, GGLeagues

7C. Whose Parks: How Race, Class, Gender, and History Drive the Experience of Place and What to Do About It

Jonathon Geels, Troyer Group

7D. Mini Session: Making Memories: Why Certain Experiences Make an Extraordinary Impact

Jordan Brouillard, Plainfield Parks & Recreation Department

7E. Mini Session: Connect, Explore, and Learn on OuterSpatial: Bloomington Park and Recreation's Mobile Application

Rebecca Swift, City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation

10:30AM - 11:45AM | Group Session 8

8A. Measuring Your Park's Health

John Martinez and Aaron Perri, South Bend Venues Parks & Arts

8B. Developing a Business Culture in Your Agency

- Leon Younger & Scott Volmer, PROS Consulting

8C. Youth Programming Make It Better Than Sex!: Reshaping Youth Culture

Kintae D. Lark, South Bend Venues Parks & Arts