Staff Spotlight: Gabby Johnson

Written by: Lisa Nye Posted on: July 22, 2019 Blog: News & Updates

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At the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, we believe it's imperative that our members get to know the staff that works to provide you with the best experience possible! Gabby comes to IPRA from right here in Noblesville and works mainly with the Development and Events Coordinator to plan events, contact vendors, and provide our members with unique experiences that help to support our association and foundation. Read more about Gabby below!

Position: Development and Events Intern

How has your experience at IPRA contributed to your professional or personal interests?

My experience at IPRA has been incredible. I have learned how much I love working with a non-profit and just how much time and effort goes into supporting parks, and how passionate people in this field are about their missions. I am so grateful for IPRA for providing me with this opportunity to learn so much about myself and my professional goals.

What parks have you visited in Indiana?

I have been to many of the parks located in central Indiana. Outside of the ones I most frequent in Hamilton County, I love to visit Fort Harrison and Turkey Run. Within Hamilton County, I most often go to Forest Park and Federal Hill Commons.

What is your favorite park memory or experience?

When I was younger, my family and I would go to parks for picnics in the summer or sledding in the winter. I would catch crawdads in Cool Creek Park and 10 minutes later, roll down the hill with my friends. We would spend time on the trails, play on the playground and go through the nature center that never failed to amaze me. In high school, I went to Cool Creek Park for a photography class project and discovered my love of photography and nature.

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