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Written by: Kaleigh Stephenson Posted on: March 28, 2022 Blog: News & Updates

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The Indiana Park and Recreation Association had the amazing opportunity to hear about the Logansport Parks and Recreation from its Parks Administer, Janet Fawley. Please read below to learn more about Janet and Logansport Parks and Recreation!

What is your favorite memory at your park agency?

1. Earth Day celebrations from 2007-2011: Involved all 3rd graders from all Cass County schools and included singalongs, “Earth Defenders” presentation, and finally a hike in the woods with high schoolers in wildlife costumes that shared information about each of the wildlife animals, e.g., Indiana Brown Bat, Opossum, Frog, Cardinal, Groundhog, Rabbit, etc. Our partners included the local Soil & Water Conservation District, the local Waste Management District, the County Parks, Logansport High School Environment Club. It was an awesome collaboration!

2. Community Build of the Earth Care Castle in 2003, a playground made completely of recycled plastic at Spencer Park. Many volunteers came forward to help us make that dream a reality for the children of Logansport!

3. Tower Pool Triathlon for Kids was a small local event each summer from 2008-2011 that gave local youth a chance to experience an athletic event no matter what their skill level was. It surely encouraged kids to reach for other goals when they discovered they could do a triathlon!

How does your agency contribute to the community?

We are very proud of our parks, trails, and community facilities. These facilities not only provide a place to gather with families and friends, but provide a place for healthy activities, or a place for quiet reflection.

What special events is your park agency known for? Please describe each one.

1. Daddy-Daughter Dance is an annual tradition for girls and their fathers from the age of 5 through 12 years of age. Girls are always dressed in their most beautiful dress, Dad’s are in a suit, and they have the chance to make a memory that will last forever with decorations, music and dancing, formal photographs, and food & drink.

2. City of Logansport July 4th Celebration is held in Riverside Park and gives the community a place to gather for food, fun activities like riding our train or carousel, and great live music, all followed by a wonderful fireworks show over the Eel River!

3. Christmas In the Park is an annual drive-thru light display in Spencer Park that was started in 2017, and continues to be a source of holiday inspiration in our community.

4. Summer Sundown Music Series was started by the Logansport Parks & Rec Department, and handed off to the local Arts Alliance, and provides a Sunday evening music performance by a small group, or single person – they play for an hour at a different park with set up and tear down completed by the performer – each performer receives $100 for their performance.

What do you see for the future of your park agency? What are your goals?

Our 5-year vision: “We want to be your FIRST choice in outdoor recreation!” We hope to develop our program into something that parents and families of all ages turn to first for recreation, leisure activities, and family fellowship.

Why do you choose to be a member of the Indiana Park and Recreation Association? How long have you been a member?

Parks Administrator, Janet Fawley has been a member since 1994. “I have always found like-minded people in IPRA, and have depended on those relationships both with agency leaders and corporate members to help me find solutions to the challenges presented to me over the years.”

How has your experience with IPRA benefited your park agency? What are some of the most rewarding aspects of your membership?

I have especially enjoyed both district meetings held in various communities, as well as the conferences that take time to make visits to different projects in the host city. They are always a source of inspiration to move forward in our own community of Logansport.

Want to learn more about Logansport Parks and Recreation? Click here to visit their website.

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